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Would you like to increase your vibration to attract more abundance into your life?

How the Prosperity Bowl helps to keep your vibrations and wealth intentions high so that you can manifest abundance into your life.


  • Clutter impedes the flow of energy. As with Feng Shui practices in general – clearing the clutter is an important part of creating harmony in your home and life. Clear out any clutter from your Wealth and Prosperity Feng Shui area; which is located in the South East sector of the BaGua for Period 8.

  • Fix things that are broken or not working. This is a great time to change lightbulbs that are burnt out, fix drawers that don’t close all the way and repair the clock that no longer keeps time. If they cannot be repaired, then discard them. Discard anything that does not have a specific purpose or is no longer of use to you.

  • Other things to remove from this area are: open trash cans; aggressive, sad or lonely images; big toolboxes with metal tools, laundry basket, paper shredder and unpaid bills.


  • Pay attention to how you handle money on a day to day basis. Do you keep money neatly and sorted in your wallet or money clip? Clear the clutter in your purse, discarding or filing receipts. Begin to treat your money with value and respect.

  • Take a look at your relationship with money. Pay attention to the flow of money in and out of your bank account, pay your bills on time, work towards paying off your credit card balance. If you neglect your relationship with money it will neglect you.

  • Live in a world of abundance and be generous. Money has an energy and it needs to flow through your life. By hoarding and scrimping you stop the flow of more money coming in, while giving generously makes room for more abundance. Be generous within your capacity, if you don’t have money to share, give generously of your time, appreciation and compassion. This will maintain the flow of energy and ensure that it doesn’t become stagnant.

A Feng Shui Prosperity Bowl is a curation of items placed in the wealth and prosperity sector of the BaGua to activate and support that energy. There are specific items that are selected to stimulate your prosperity energy and signal to the Universe that you are ready!


  • A Feng Shui Bowl is a curation of auspicious items. Select a bowl that is approximately six to eight inches in diameter. The bowl can be made of ceramic, glass, wood or metal. As it will be on display, its important that it is in a place where you will see it everyday, pick something that you like. If you choose a glass bowl, be careful that its not 100% clear glass that you can see through as this can represent wealth leaking out. To cleanse your bowl, add a couple of drops of lavender essential oil to warm water and wipe down or wash the bowl or you can use sage or incense to clear any negative energy from the bowl.

  • The Prosperity Bowl represents growing wealth and is built in layers. Select items that have meaning to you, that represent your wealth accumulating. The following is a list of basic items for your Prosperity Bowl:

  • Begin by filling the bottom with rocks, crystals, glass beads or anything that is shiny or attractive. Crystals you can use are: yellow citrine, black tourmaline, tigers eye, pyrite, green aventurine, cinnabar, epodite, or jade. You could also add herb fillers like basil, mint, allspice, comfrey, calendula, cinnamon, patchouli, star anise or chamomile.

  • Now add golden ingots (Yuan Bao), coins, gold painted rocks or anything that represents money. If you use Feng Shui coins try to find three bound with a red cord or ribbon, but loose coins will work just as well. Remember that traditionally Feng Shui coins should be placed with the Yang side up which is the one with the four characters.

  • On top of your coins you will now place a Laughing Buddha (Happy HoiTai Buddha), Money Frog (Chan Chu), or a Lucky Cat (Japanese Maneki Neko with his paw raised up).

  • Arrange all of these items in a way that is pleasing to you. Keep adding and subtracting items until you love it!

  • Each time you add an item to the bowl, place it in your hands one at a time and set your intentions to charge the item.

Place the bowl in a place where you will see it everyday so that it will remind you of your intentions to bring wealth, abundance and prosperity to your life.

Please note that Feng Shui is not a guarantee but is used to enhance positive energy and neutralize negative energy in your home. The energy in your home is looked upon as a reflection of your life.


  • Don’t keep your prosperity bowl in the bathroom, kitchen or close to any drains.

  • By keeping the energy moving you stir up the Chi, so its important that every few weeks you take everything out of your bowl and wipe it down to prevent the collection of any dust. It’s important to keep your money bowl fresh and clean so feel free to add or remove things.


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