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Welcome to the Age of Nine

From 2004 to 2023, we were in Period 8, connected to the Earth energy and supported Earth industries (e.g., real estate, technology, minerals and resources). Much of the focus of Period 8 was on profit, hierarchies, planning, controlling measures, and privacy.

During Period 9, which runs from February 2024 to February 2044, we will see Fire industries flourish, which include spirituality, energy healing, health, media, beauty, education, communication, therapy, social media, arts and culture, artificial intelligence (AI), and solar and battery energy.  The focus of Period 9 will shift to being purpose-driven, using networks focused on collaboration, empowering others, innovation, and more transparency.

The Fire element of this 20-year period affects all the other elements as Fire burns Wood, melts Metal into a liquid, boils Water, and hardens the Earth. Fire itself is not everlasting, so it needs another element as an ongoing fuel source to survive (e.g., Wood) and to keep it going strong. This energy of working together is why collaboration will be crucial in Period 9, as all of us, collectively, are affected by the Fire energy.

There will be a strong feminine energy that supports females having significant influence in all areas of life. We can expect more female business leaders and heads of countries worldwide. We will shift from a general “one-size-fits-all” mentality to a more holistic, integrative approach.  Your ability to change your habits, to better align yourself with your divine purpose, is definitely possible.

Truly, Period 9 is the time to speak your truth, show up as your authentic self, and use your voice to be heard—with purity, clarity, and agency.

Now some specifics for the year ahead, The Year of the Wood Dragon which began on February 10, 2024 and ends on January 28, 2025. The coming year is a time of transformation, growth, and abundance, according to Chinese astrology. The Dragon is a powerful symbol associated with the element of Fire and the colour green, representing growth and new beginnings.

Some Chinese zodiac signs, like the Rat, Monkey, and Rooster, will have an excellent year, while others, like the Ox, Snake, and Dog, may face challenges. It is important to draw on your unique strengths (e.g., to overcome obstacles), as your actions and attitude can powerfully influence your life and its direction. Because 2024 is a year of excess and exuberance, focus on taking risks by intuitively following your dreams to achieve fame and fortune. Arts, culture, and innovation are central energies to tap into this year, particularly within theatre, cinema, music, and graphic arts.

The Year of the Dragon encourages innovation, creativity, and taking advantage of opportunities. Technology, entertainment, media, and fashion industries are expected to thrive. However, it is crucial to be mindful of spending habits by budgeting and avoiding unnecessary financial risks.

The year will focus on digital currency, environmental protection, and technology, especially Artificial Intelligence (AI). By collectively focusing on environmental issues, activism, and political initiatives, we can expect to see improvements that help address poverty, financial hardship, and climate challenges. We will also see increased activism, patriotism and nationalism due to unrest, a lack of diplomacy and stubborn governments.

2024 may bring sudden and shocking events, as represented by the Thunder trigram of this year. It is, therefore, essential to stay firm and adaptable (e.g., like a tree) to weather the storms. There may also be water-related challenges, such as floods and water shortages.

In terms of business, Wood-related industries like agriculture, paper, textiles, and furniture will see profits, while Fire related sectors may face challenges. The absence of the Fire element could contribute to an economic slowdown and more inflation as we enter the fifth year with no Fire in the chart.

In summary, the Year of the Wood Dragon offers opportunities for growth and innovation but also presents challenges related to risk-taking and economic stability. It is a time to embrace change, set ambitious goals, and build strong relationships while staying grounded and adaptable, feeling established and deeply rooted like the guiding Wood element of the year.

With deep gratitude, I would like to acknowledge Master Leigh Whiting for the work that she has done and continues to do to make Feng Shui accessible to everyone.


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