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Renovated Office

Workplace Strategy

There is a direct correlation between our surroundings and our sense of well being, our sense of belonging and meaning. It’s important to thoughtfully curate these physical changes to have a positive impact on the people using these spaces. Subtle changes to an environment can have a large impact; how people feel, think, behave and interact.

Avalon Lane Studio can assist your organization in the development of a Wellness Blueprint by:

  • facilitating coaching sessions/workshops/focus groups/visioning collectives and/or employee advisory groups

  • initiating “real world” conversations to explore emerging values and culture

  • uncovering unique solutions that are based on tangible and intangible elements

  • mining of information to determine how to structure the physical and cultural alignment of workforces

  • using the information collected from these activities to develop a new workplace experience


A curated Wellness Blueprint will then have the information required to:

  • create a workplan for the use of space in your organization and the implications of immediate and long-term financial planning

  • anticipate and initiate shifts in behaviour and changes in perspective to integrate people with place

  • create visibility around process gaps and make recommendations regarding workplace lifestyle redesign

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