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About Linda Bischoff

Linda Bischoff, PMP; Well AP; Diploma, Interior Design: IFSG Red Ribbon

Linda Bischoff is a Workplace Strategist and Feng Shui Practitioner with over 35 years experience. She has worked with Design Firms, Office Furniture Dealerships and Facilities Departments in both public and private sectors.

Her involvement redesigning office workplaces during Covid19 has given her “real world” experience. As these spaces evolve, we will see much change in the social fabric and culture of the office. The post pandemic office will demand unique solutions to implement a successful workplace lifestyle redesign.

By using Feng Shui as an underpinning to a new Workplace Strategy the result is places where people feel grounded with a sense of belonging, meaning and community. When there is a strong sense of community, engagement increases resulting in increased productivity.

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