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Mindmap Manifesting Workshop

Are you looking to attract more Wealth and Abundance into your life?

Wealth and Abundance does not always manifest as money. Wealth and Abundance can also be defined as time, freedom, options and health. Have you given consideration to how you could reframe some of your limiting beliefs around money, wealth and abundance?

In order to allow new energies into our lives we must learn how release old energies and limiting beliefs.

I’ve created a 90 minute virtual workshop that has been specifically designed to assist you in releasing these energies and setting new intentions. In this live session we’ll work with manifesting and meditation techniques and how to use them in concert with the cycles of the moon and seasons. We’ll walk through how to clear our minds so that we can accept new thoughts and energies. We also do a visioning exercise to assist you in seeing what you truly want to manifest for your future.

The MindMap Manifesting Workshop will introduce you to the Prosperity Bowl and how you can use it to manifest all the good things you want. The Feng Shui Care Kit that has been curated for this program includes a Prosperity Bowl Starter Kit as well as other items to assist you in manifesting your intentions.

Use the button below to register - your investment for these learnings will be $99.95.


You’ll come away from this with a vision of what you truly want to manifest and the tools to be able to do it!

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