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Modern Office

Workplace Strategist in the Greater Toronto Area

How are you responding to the changing ecosystem of your workplace?

Good design is not linear but has many layers. Architects and Designers organically understand the creation of good spaces. It’s important to intentionally plan the creation of relevant spaces which will help people feel grounded, have a sense of belonging and meaning. When there is a sense of belonging and meaning there is increased engagement which results in increased productivity. 

 "If your surroundings feel good, chances are you will feel good, and then you’ll attract more of what feels good."


Workplace Strategy

Align your physical office space with your organization's business strategy, goals and corporate culture.

Feng Shui

Improve the flow of energy in your space with our feng shui services for homes and offices.


Learn how to open your intuition to maximize the energies around you.

Linda Bischoff

PMP; Well AP; Diploma - Interior Design; IFSG Red Ribbon

Linda Bischoff is a Workplace Strategist and Feng Shui Practitioner with over 35 years experience. She has worked with Design Firms, Office Furniture Dealerships and Facilities Departments in both public and private sectors.

Linda Bischoff Personal Branding 2021 Ma
Modern Living Room


"When Linda and I met we instantly connected. She is so knowledgeable and full of practical solutions to create exactly what I was looking for. Linda took inventory so to speak about what rooms I felt calm and peaceful in, and what rooms I didn't, and again, I implemented small changes over time that are true to my chart and it's made all the difference."

— E.H. 


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