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Min Gua

Enhanced clarity and focus can be achieved through a deeper understanding of your Min Gua.

Min literally translates to “life” and Gua means “pattern”.

The practice of Feng Shui tells us that the places where we work and live hold energy. The positive or negative energy of our environment has an impact on how we feel, behave and interact with the people around us.

Feng Shui also tells us that our bodies have the capacity to create and hold energy. By developing a deeper understanding of our Min Gua we become better able to tap into this energy. As we learn to manage the energy in our bodies we create harmony with our surroundings and better relationships with the people around us. This will open up some new and fresh opportunities in our lives.

The Feng Shui Personal Report, Min Gua or Life Gua represents your Destiny Number or Natal Trigram. Based on your birthdate, your Min Gua represents your personal trigram which protects you in your environment. Each one of us carries our own energy which is represented by our Gua Number.

The Min Gua is divided into two groups – East and West. If you have a Gua Number of 1, 3, 4 or 9 you belong to the East Group. If you are 2, 6, 7 or 8 you belong to the West Group. The reason that there is no 5 in this grouping is that in the original Feng Shui Lou Shu number grid the 5 falls in the centre therefore there is no direction associated with it. Each one of these groups has 4 Best Directions with the other 4 being…well not so great.

I use my Min Gua in my meditation practice to ensure that I am facing a direction where I have a more relaxed energy. I plan my office around my Power Position to be sure that I am facing a direction that will give me maximum focus. I must admit, I sometimes ensure that I am facing my best direction when in a negotiation with my husband or my children. It works…

So how does this bring us more health, wealth and prosperity? Our external Chi supports our internal Chi. When we align our internal Chi with our external Chi we enhance our focus and clarity of thinking. It is then that some really amazing things happen!

By developing an understanding of your Min Gua you can enhance your clarity and focus. When you enhance your clarity and focus it is easier to make decisions. By making strong and sound decisions you bring more Wealth and Prosperity into your life. And who doesn’t want that?

To receive your Min Gua Report or to book a free Feng Shui consultation with Avalon Lane Studio, get in touch!


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