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Are you Languishing?

Languishing…this may or may not be a term that you’ve heard recently. This may or may not be something that you’ve been feeling lately. Whether you’re an introvert, extrovert or an ambivert…this has probably impacted you in some way over the last few months.

Languishing is described as a distressing feeling that gives you a sense of stagnation, monotony, and emptiness. You feel like you have a lack of presence – a lack of focus. Things have become to blend together – this energy doesn’t feel good or bad…

Languishing it’s when you're feeling just kinda – well meh!

As someone who is passionate about gardening, I feel like I experience this every July…once all of the plantings have been done, trees have been pruned – the blooms are in full force and everything is flourishing. There is a weird state of stillness and I feel that I should be doing something more – but I’m not sure what. I’m beginning to feel like July is my least favourite month.

When we are able to identify energy as good or bad we know how to react. We organically respond to imbalances in the energy around us by making the needed changes. When we are unable to identify the energy as good or bad it can be challenging to recognize that we need to change the energy flow.

Languishing is not necessarily bad or stagnant energy, it’s a lack of the movement of energy. Often we think of Space Clearing as a response to bad energy, as a necessary response to clear negativity from our spaces. Space Clearing is a vital practice to keep energy moving. To keep energy moving at the right pace to create balance and harmony in our lives, to help us to feel vital and vibrant.

Space clearing can take on many forms. Remember a few short months ago when we all felt the new energy of Spring. We opened windows, cleaned closets, prepared gardens and simply embraced spring cleaning! Embracing the movement of the energy, I found myself using my diffuser on the days when I felt that Mother Nature wasn’t supporting the movement of the energy around me. Remember how invigorating it was to refresh the energy flow. Try that again, on the days when you can – throw open the windows, think about cleaning a closet, rearrange the kitchen, pick a new paint colour for the bathroom; anything to get the energy moving.

Space clearing can also be done in the more traditional ways…break out your Singing Bowl or Palo Santo...burn some incense! Even though you aren’t currently feeling any bad energy it doesn’t mean that the energy is moving in a way that is helpful.

Don’t let the energy around you languish for too long – get it moving at a speed that feels good for you!

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